Frappes & Floats

Frappes $6.25
Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee

Coke or Rootbeer Float $6.25
with Vanilla Ice Cream

Purple Cow $6.25
Grape Soda with Vanilla Ice Cream

Creamsicle $6.25
Orange Soda with Vanilla Ice Cream

Dream Diner Full Menu

Welcome to the Dream Diner!




Dream Diner Specials

Now Serving Full Alcohol Menu


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Dream Diner Breakfast Catering for Your Home or Office

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Coffee To Go

96oz. serves 8-10

Dream Diner Dream Breakfast

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs, Crisp Bacon,
Sausage Patties, Homefries &

• French Toast
• Sweet Potato Pancakes
• Silver Dollar Pancakes
(min 25)

French Toast

3 Slices Thin French Toast Per Serving
(min 25)

Mini Sweet Potato Pancakes

2 Mini Sweet Potato Pancakes Per Serving
(min 25)

Sausage Burittos

Sausage, Cheddar Cheese, Peppers, Onions,
Tomatoes & Salsa in a Tortilla Wrap
10 Wraps Cut In Half (min 20)

Breakfast Egg & Cheese Sandwiches

With Sausage, Bacon or Ham (min 10)
Fresh Homefries
1/2 Pan or Full Pan

Dream Omelets

Feature Omelets

Greek Omelet 13.50
Spinach, Tomato, Olives & Feta Cheese

Dream Omelet 14.50
Asparagus, Broccoli, Spinach & Cheese

Pastrami & Swiss Omelet 16.25
Pastrami, Swiss Cheese

Reuben Omelet 16.25
Swiss & Sauerkraut

The Diner Builders

Barriere 13.25
Linguica & Cheese

Bixler 13.75
 Ham, Onion & Cheese

Bramson 13.75
Bacon, Tomato & Cheese

Brill 16.25
Shaved Steak, Mushroom, Pepper, Onion & Cheese

Buckley 13.25
Kielbasa & Cheese

Campora 11.75
Spinach, Tomato & Cheese

Comac 11.75
Pepper, Onion & Cheese

DeRaffele 10.75
Cheese (American, Swiss, Cheddar or Feta)

Diner-Mite 12.25
Asparagus & Cheese

Erfed 13.75
Bacon, Onion & Cheese

Fodero 13.25
Ham & Cheese

Galion 15.25
Shaved Steak & Cheese

Hennigan 11.75
Spinach & American Cheese

Kullman 13.25
Bacon & Cheese

Master 13.25
Pepper, Onion Tomato, Mushroom & Cheese

Manno 13.75
Corned Beef Hash & Cheese

Mountain View 13.75
Sausage, Peppers & Cheese

Mulholland 16.75
Bacon, Ham, Sausage & Cheese

Musi 13.75
Kielbasa, Onion & Cheese

O'Mahony 11.25
Tomato & Cheese

Orleans 11.25
Mushroom & Cheese

Palmer 13.25
Chili & Cheese

Paramount 13.75
Ham, Tomato & Cheese

Pollard 13.25
Sausage & Cheese

Rochester Grills 13.75
Ham, Mushroom & Cheese

Sterling 11.25
Broccoli & Cheese

Silk City 12.25
Spinach, Mushroom & Swiss

Sorge 14.25
Ham, Mushroom, Onion & Cheese

Starlite 11.75
Mushroom, Broccoli & Cheese

Swingle 12.25
Spinach & Feta Cheese

Superior 13.75
Ham, Pepper & Cheese

Tierney 14.25
Ham, Pepper Onion & Cheese

Valentine 15.75
Taco Meat, Salsa, Onion & Cheddar Cheese

Valiant 15.75
Chicken, Salsa, Onion, Tomato, Mushroom, Pepper & Cheddar Cheese

Ward & Dickenson 15.75
Bacon, Sausage, Pepper, Onion & Cheese

Worcester 14.25
Ham, Broccoli, Mushroom, Cheese

Above served with Home Fries & Toast.

Add Bagel 1.25

Add Gluten Free Bread 1.00

Toast Choices: White, Wheat, Marble Rye, Sourdough, or English.

Choice of Cheese: American, Swiss, Cheddar or Feta.

Learn about our omelet names here. 


Mimosa $8.00
A Refreshing Blend of Champagne & Orange Juice

Hawaiian Mimosa $9.00
Champagne, Coconut Rum & Orange Juice

Bloody Mary $9.00
Add Asparagus or Bacon $9.00
A tangy blend of Bloody Mary mix and taxty vodka for this traditional breakfast pleasure

Hot Chocolate with Irish Cream $9.00

Irish Cream Coffee Hot or Cold $9.00

Beer $5.00

Wine $7.00/glass, $28.00/bottle

Champagne $28.00/bottle

Jamaican Coffee with Rum & Kahlua $9.50

Mexican Coffee with Kahlua $8.50

Screwdriver $8.00
Vodka & Orange Juice

White Russian $9.00
Vodka, Kahlua & Cream

Sea Breeze $8.00
Vodka, Cranberry & Grapefruit

Soups & Chowders

Ask your server about our soup of the day.

We're a "diner classic"!

According to Merrimack Valley Magazine, "The Dream Diner has quickly become a local favorite in the Merrimack Valley. Located in Tyngsboro, it opened in 1999 and features classic diner fare served in a 1950s retro atmosphere replete with original signage from the era. It’s open seven days a week, from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. Top: A busy Sunday morning. Lower left: three generations of Merrimack Valley diner history: Bridget Trepsas, owner Marybeth Shanahan, and daughters Mya and Molly Shanahan.

About the Dream Diner

The Dream Diner first opened in 1997, finally realizing our dream of spreading a the fine tradition of the great American diner into the Tyngsboro community. With a lifetime of experience working in the family diner business, we wanted to continue with the winning formula of featuring great food served in healthy portions at reasonable prices in a clean, friendly atmosphere.

After a long-time search for the right facility and location, we purchased and renovated a former doughnut shop on the Middlesex Road, creating an atmosphere for our customers that evokes a less complicated time, when the diner ruled the roadside and the food it served was big, tasty, and reasonably priced.

In 2002, we celebrated our fifth anniversary in Tyngsboro. In that time, we’ve been cited in several articles and reviews for our fine food and service. In 2000, Roadside Magazine described us as one of their top ten breakfast spots and the “Phantom Gourmet” deemed us a “Hidden Jewel.” According to the Phantom, “Everything is made fresh, with a lot of care and a little extra love. It’s a recipe that’s hard to find now that Route 66 is not much more than a memory. But there are a few places where the spirit of the Fifties is alive and well, like at the Dream Diner”

We are now celebrating 25 years in business with some big changes to our diner — including our expansion into an authentic diner that nearly doubles the size of our restaurant. All year long, customers will enjoy events and specials to show our gratitude for their continued loyalty.  

We look forward to many more years of serving the area with a sense of pride and devotion to quality. Ours is a diner that measures our success by how many customers we know by name. So, consider yourself invited to send us your feedback and to become a part of the Dream Diner community.

Week of July 28

Fish 'n Chips

Cold Plate with potato salad and broccoli salad.

Thanksgiving Sandwich

Liver & Onions

Meatloaf Dinner

Chicken Fingers w Fries

Chicken Broccoli Salad Wrap

We also serve beer and wine, plus we make tasty mimosas and bloody Marys!

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Loyalty & Rewards

To manually connect to your check: 

  1. Ask your server for a copy of your check
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  3. Tap the My Check button and enter the check number printed on the Top Left of your check TableCode

Questions? Tap Help in the app menu or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


July 28




Our Famous Bennys

All our Benedicts come with two poached eggs on English muffin, topped with Hollandaise sauce, and served with home fries.

Eggs Benedict 15.99
Our Signature with Ham

Bridget's Benedict 16.99
With Ham & Pastrami

Sausage Benedict 14.99
Sausage Patties

Irish Benedict 15.99
with Corned Beef Hash

Eggs Florentine 13.99
with Spinach

Steak Benedict 14.99
with Shaved Steak

Country Benny 14.99
Scrambled on Biscuits Topped with Sausage Gravy

Avocado & Tomato Eggs Benny 14.99

Reuben Benedict 15.99
With Corned Beef & Swiss

Pastrami Benedict 15.99
with Shaved Pastrami

Veggie Benedict 13.99
with Fresh Veggies

Bacon Benedict 14.99
with Bacon & Tomato

Trio Eggs Benedict 16.99
with Ham, Spinach & Sausage

Turkey Benedict 15.99
with Fresh Turkey

Meatloaf Benedict 15.99
Dream Diner's Meatloaf

Dream Trio Benedict 17.49
with Ham, Pastrami & Shaved Steak

Breakfast and Lunch, July 18, 2015



Soup: Split Pea

Corned Beef Sandwich on Rye

Dream Salads

Garden Salad $7.99
Add Scoop of Tuna $9.99
Add Grilled Chicken $12.99

Greek Salad $8.99
Add Scoop of Tuna $10.99
Add Grilled Chicken $13.99

Chef's Salad Turkey, Ham, Swiss, Egg $15.99

Breakfast Specialties

Cream Chipped Beef on Toast 12.99

Sausage, Biscuits & Gravy 13.99

Side Order 7.99

Diner Builders

Photos by Randy Garbin

Did you ever wonder about the "Names" of the omelets here at The Dream Diner? The founder of the Dream Diner, Marybeth Shanahan, thought customers would enjoy reading and knowing about the nostalgia and history of the original diner companies. She wanted to share the Diner History with you as well as the Diner Experience - Great Food, Great Service and Friendly atmosphere – where everyone knows your name. This is what she felt made Diners an icon in American History and why she chose the slogan "Dream Back in Time". Naming the omelets after the Diner Manufacturers is a tribute to a great American success story not only in the basic formulas of hard work and long hours but the appreciation of customer no matter who they are or where they are from. The Diners are and always will be a melting pot of good food and good people. The information that follows was mostly excerpted from Richard Gutman's American Diner Then & Now published by Johns Hopkins University Press (with permission), and my own personal research. Special thanks to Mike Engle for Galion info. — Larry Cultrera

Wilfred H. Barriere, Worcester, MA,1905 - 1906, 1926 - 1936. Barriere built diners of various sizes until 1936.

Bixler Manufacturing Company, Norwalk, OH, 1931 - 1937? Bixler diners featured extreme width for the time period, two-foot double hung windows and a barrel roof with a fancy profile on the ends.

Bramson Engineering Company, Oyster Bay, NY, mid- 1950’s Bramson’s main business was manufacturing large sterilizers for hospitals. In the mid- 1950’s Bramson started building diners as a sideline with one still extant as the Aero Diner in Connecticut.

J.G. Brill Company, Dining Car Division, Philadelphia, PA, 1927 - 1932 Brill was a noted manufacturer of street railway vehicles when in 1927, they introduced a line of all-steel diners. The Capitol Diner of Lynn, Mass. is a surviving example from this company.

T. H. Buckley Lunch Wagon Mfg., Worcester, MA, 1891 - 1908. Thomas H. Buckley became the first “Lunch Wagon King”, setting up wagons in some 250 towns throughout the country.

Campora Dining Car Company, Kearny, NJ, 1957 This short-lived company was started by Jerry Campora, a former shop supervisor at Kullman DIners. The company may have only built one diner.

Comac, Inc., Irvington, NJ, 1947 - 1951. Two Comac built diners still in existence are the Tastee Diner of Laurel, Maryland and Jack’s Diner of Albany, NY.

DeRaffele Manufacturing Company, Inc., New Rochelle, NY, 1933 - present Angelo DeRaffele in 1921 started out as a carpenter, advancing in 1927 to the position of a foreman at P.J. Tierney Sons. In 1933 DeRaffele began to manufacture diners at the old Tierney plant. In 1947 DeRaffele was joined by his son Philip after World War II. DeRaffele is currently the largest manufacturer of diners.

Diner-Mite Diners, Atlanta, GA, 1959 - Present This company has been building modular food-service units of varying shapes and sizes under names such as Module Mobile, Inc. and Diner Group Limited.

Erfed Corporation, Rutherford, NJ, 1956 - mid-1970’s Started by Erwin Fedkenheuer, Sr., the former lead sheet-metal man with Paramount Diners for nearly 20 years prior. Along with his son Erwin Junior, and several other sheet-metal workers from Paramount, the company specialized in the repair, modernization and renovation of existing diners on location.

Fodero Dining Car Company, Bloomfield, NJ, 1933 - 1981 Joseph Fodero started out at P.J. Tierney Sons in 1922.and later for Kullman before starting his own company in 1933. Fodero built some of the more stylish designs in the industry and is noted for its famous winged clock. The Agawam Diner in Rowley, MA is an excellent example.

Galion Diners, Galion, Ohio?. Very little is known of this company, the Penn Yan Diner of Penn Yan, NY was reportedly built by Galion.

John J. E. Hennigan, Worcester, MA , 1907 - 1917 First operating a night lunch wagon in 1899 in Worcester, Hennigan started manufacturing in 1907, building a model known as the Franklin Lunch Wagon.

Kullman Dining Car Company, Lebanon, NJ, 1927 - Present Founded in 1927 by Samuel Kullman, the former accountant for P.J. Tierney Sons. Starting out in Newark, the firm subsequently relocated to Harrison, NJ and then on to Avenel, NJ prior to moving recently to their current state-of-the-art facility in Lebanon. Sam’s grandson Robert is now the President of the company which has always built a high-quality diner. The company (now known as Kullman Industries) also builds modular buildings for uses such as U.S. embassies, prison facilities, schools, and bank buildings.

Manno Dining Car Company, Fairfield, NJ, 1949 - 1978 Founded in 1949 by Ralph Manno, and Vincent Giannotti both formerly with Kullman Diners. Starting out as a diner renovating company, they went on to build various styles of diners including all brick exterior “colonial” diners and some unusual examples with nearly all-glass facades and interesting stainless steel work.

Master Diners, Pequannock, NJ, 1947 - mid-1950’s Master was a small company that built stainless steel diners in 2 or 3 styles and various sizes. The Sunny Day Diner of Lincoln, NH is a small Master diner.

Mountain View Diners, Singac, NJ, 1939 - 1957 This company outsold most all of the other manufacturers in the 1950’s with an aggressive marketing campaign, sending their units all over the country. While attempting to go public in June, 1956 the company foundered and went out of business shortly thereafter.

Mulholland Company, Dunkirk, NY, 1920 - 1930? Founded as the Mulholland Spring Company in 1881, this company evolved over the years building a full line of buggies, carriages, & road wagons advancing to automobile, truck & ambulance bodies. Around 1920 they branched out into diner manufacturing.

Musi Dining Car Company, Carteret, NJ, 1966 - present Formerly with Kullman Dining Car Company, Ralph Musi started his own company in 1966, building new diners in the Colonial and Mediterranean styles. Chubby’s Diner in Salisbury, Mass. is a local example of a Musi remodeling of a 1940 vintage O’Mahony car.

Jerry O’Mahony, Elizabeth, NJ, 1913 - 1956 Starting in 1913, in Bayonne, NJ, he was the leading manufacturer for decades. O’Mahony (like the Tierney outfit) gave many diner builders their start in the industry. Many classic diners from the 40’s and 50’s that survive to this day were built by O’Mahony.

Orleans Manufacturing Company, Albion, NY, 1947 - 1948 Orleans only built 3 diners, The Cadillac Diner of Westwood, NJ, the Arlington Diner of Haverhill, MA and Dauphin’s Superior Diner of Rochester, NY. Dauphin’s is still operating today as the Highland Park Diner on it’s original location.

Charles H. Palmer, Worcester, MA, 1889 - 1901 The first to receive a patent for his design for a night lunch wagon. Becoming one of the first early successful wagon builders, his enterprise was ended in 1901 when fire struck his factory in Sterling Junction, Massachusetts.

Paramount Diners, Oakland, NJ, 1932 - Present. Known for their stainless steel work on the interior, Paramount offered the all-stainless-steel exterior before anyone else, developed and patented the split-construction method now widely used in the modular building industry.

The Pollard Company, Lowell, MA, 1926 - 1927 Pollard built a handful of barrel-roofed diners. The Palace Diner of Biddeford, Maine and the Riverside Diner of Bristol, NH are the only two survivors from this manufacturer.

Rochester Grills, Rochester, NY, 1940 - ? There is scant information on this manufacturer which built diners in the same style as Bixler. At least one has survived, the Congress Street Diner of Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Silk City Diners, (Paterson Vehicle Company), Paterson, NJ, 1927 - 1964 The Paterson Vehicle Company was run by the Cooper family since 1886,began as wagon builders. They eventually made automobile, bus and truck bodies before starting to make “Silk City Diners” in 1927. Built as standard production units, six or eight at a time, in different color schemes, they were the lowest priced diner you could buy.

Sorge Diner Manufacturing Company, Silver Creek, NY, dates of operation unknown. Sorge Brothers was one of several companies that popped up in the Lake Erie region following the success of Ward & Dickinson.

Starlite Diners, Holly Hill, FL, 1992 - Present This new company offers a standard diner finished in mirror-finish stainless steel in 14 ft. by 76 ft. units that seat 52 people. They now also build custom units seating upwards of 150. Starlite has shipped diners all over the world and recently has been building Denny’s Classic Diners for the Denny’s Restaurant chain.

Sterling Diners, (J.B. Judkins Company), Merrimac, MA, 1936 - 1942 John B. Judkins Co. built carriages from 1857-1910, motorcar bodies from 1910-1936 and then entered the diner-building business. The most famous model Sterling built was the streamliner with one or both ends configured in a bullet shape.

Superior Dining Car Company, Berlin, NJ, 1950’s Superior was a diner-renovating company about which little is known.

Swingle Diners, Middlesex, NJ, 1957 - 1988 Previously in sales with Fodero and Jerry O’Mahony, Joseph Swingle began his own diner-building operation in August of 1957. In their 31 years of diner building, Swingle completed 147 units. The Victoria Diner still operating on Massachusetts Avenue in Boston’s South End is a Swingle Diner.

Patrick J. Tierney, New Rochelle, NY, 1905 - 1917 “Pop” Tierney operated lunch wagons from 1895 onward and began manufacturing them around 1905 in a small garage behind his house. After his death in 1917, his sons Edward & Edgar took over the business until 1927, renaming it P.J. Tierney Sons, Inc.

Valentine Manufacturing Company, Wichita, KS, 1938 - 1974 Mostly found in the mid-west and west, some units were shipped to the east coast. The most popular model was the “Little Chef”, an eight or

Specialty Sandwiches

Melts on Sourdough $15.99

Patty Melt
Hamburger with Swiss Cheese & Saute Onions

Turkey Melt
Turkey with Swiss Cheese & Saute Onions

Meatloaf Melt
Meatloaf with Swiss Cheese & Saute Onions

Tuna Melt
Served with French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Chips and Pickle

Pastrami Melt
Pastrami & Swiss Cheese

Veggie Melt
with Swiss Cheese & Saute Onions

Served with French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Chips and Pickle

Reubens on Rye $14.99

Signature / Turkey / Pastrami / Haddock

Served with French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Chips and Pickle 

Wraps $15.99

Tuna Salad & Cheese

Warm Fresh Veggie Wrap with Cheese

Turkey Wrap with Cheese

Served with French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Chips and Pickle

Breakfast Burritos

Scrambled Eggs, Tomato, Onions, Peppers & Cheddar Cheese.

Served with Home Fries and Salsa 13.99
With Sausage, Bacon, or Ham 14.99
With Shaved Steak, Chicken, or Pastrami 15.99

Boston Voyager interviews Marybeth

Meet Marybeth Shanahan of the Dream Diner

Today we’d like to introduce you to Marybeth Shanahan.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I started working in my family’s diner business when I was 10 years old. I continued working in the business through my high school and college years.  


Breakfast Sandwiches

With Bagel (extra)

Plain Egg 5.99 

 Egg & Cheese 6.99

Sausage & Egg 7.99

Sausage, Egg & Cheese 8.99

Bacon & Egg 7.99 

Bacon, Egg & Cheese 8.99

Ham & Egg 8.99 

Ham, Egg & Cheese 9.99 

Western (Egg, Ham, Pepper & Onion) 8.49

Eastern (Egg & Ham) 7.99

Pepper & Egg 6.99 


Club Sandwiches


Turkey & Cheese



Ham &Cheese
(Thick Slice Ham)

Tuna Salad


Served with French Fries, Sweet Potato, Fries or Chips and Pickle

Feature Egg Dishes

Our Famous Signature Ham Steak & Eggs with Home Fries & Toast

2 Eggs 14.99 

3 Eggs 15.99 

Two Eggs Your Style

With Home Fries & Toast 8.49

With Bacon or Sausage Patties 12.99 

With Linguica or Kielbasa 12.99  

With Corned Beef Hash 13.99 

Above served with Home Fries & Toast.
Toast Choices: White, Wheat, Marble Rye, Sourdough, Raisin or English
Add Bagel 1.25
Add Gluten-Free Bread 1.00


Dream Hamburger 15.99
Add Bacon 16.99

Dream Cheeseburger 16.49
Add Bacon 17.49

Avocado Burger 16.99
Add Swiss & Bacon 17.99

Mushroom and Swiss Burger 15.99
With Mushrooms & Saute Onions

Chili Burger with Cheddar 16.99

Veggie Burger 13.99
With Saute Onions & Pepper

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Cheese 14.99

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Swiss & Bacon 15.99

Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Avocado 15.99
Add Swiss & Bacon 16.99

Avocado BLT 15.99

Turkey Avocado BLT 17.99

Fried Fish Sandwich 15.99

Above Served with Lettuce, Tomato & Mayonnaise, 
and choice of Steak Fries, Sweet Potato Fries or Chips and Pickle

Classic Diner Sandwiches

Hot Dog $6.99

Chili Dog $7.99

BLT $12.99

Tuna Sandwich $13.99

Grilled Ham & Cheese $13.99

Grilled Bacon & Cheese $13.99

Grilled Bacon, Tomato & Cheese $13.99

Grilled Tomato & Cheese $9.99

Grilled Cheese $8.99

Above Served with Chips and Pickle

Add Steak Fries or Sweet Potato Fries $1.99

Boston Globe Features the Dream Diner

Her dream was to run a diner, and in Tyngsborough she’s doing it

Nothing stands still at the Dream Diner.

Not the ceiling fans that whir 10 feet above the red and silver booths. Not the two veteran waitresses, impeccable in their black uniforms and coiffed hair, gliding across the black and white checkered floor. 


From Our Griddle

Sweet Potato Pancakes

(Beta Carotene & Vitamin A), Cholesterol Free & Low Fat
(1) $5.99 (2) $8.99 (3) $10.99


3 Buttermilk 8.99
Blueberry, Banana or Chocolate Chip 10.99 

Short Stack Pancakes (2 Buttermilk) 7.99
Blueberry, Banana or Chocolate Chip 8.99


Plain Waffle 8.99
with Fruit 9.99 

Gluten Free Waffle 9.99
with Fruit 10.99 

French Toast

Whole Wheat French Toast or Raisin French Toast – 3 Thin Slices 8.99
With Fruit 9.99

Jumbo French Toast Two Thick Slices 8.99
With Fruit 9.99  

Three Thick Slices 9.99
With Fruit 10.99

Diner Classics

Monte Christo, Turkey, Ham & Swiss 15.99

Dream Bomb Steak & Cheese Sub With Pepper & Onion 15.99

Above Served with French Fries

Bridget’s Greek Burger 16.99

Chicken Fingers with Fries 12.99

Meatloaf Dinner 14.99

Turkey Dinner 16.99

Liver & Onions 13.99

Fish 'n Chips with Cole Slaw $14.99

Side Orders

Home Fries 4.99 

Ham or Pastrami 7.50 

Linguica or Kielbasa 6.50 

Pastrami 7.50

Bacon or Sausage 6.50 

Corned Beef Hash 6.99

Single Pancake 4.99
With Fruit 5.99

Grilled Cinnamon Roll 8.99 

Homemade Muffin 3.25

Bagel with Cream Cheese 3.25 

Toast (Rye, White or Wheat) 2.50 

HoopAbout at the Dream Diner

Last year, everyone had a blast at our HoopAbout party. Come to our 20th Anniversary celebration on August 5th and join in the fun! 

Dream Desserts

Ask your server about today’s desserts.

Children's Menu

Children 10 & Under

One Egg 8.99 
Served with two strips of bacon or one sausage patty, toast and home fries

Mickey Pancake, French Toast or 1/2 Waffle 4.99 
With bacon or sausage 8.99 

Children's Menu

Hot Dog 6.99

3 Chicken Fingers 8.99

Grilled Cheese 7.99

Served with French fries

Diner Beverages

Reg or Decaf Coffee (unlimited cup) $2.99

Reg or Decaf Tea $2.99

Green Tea $3.25

Flavored Coffee or Herbal Tea $3.25

Brewed Iced Coffee or Iced Tea $3.25
(Iced Tea seasonal, both with Free Refills)

Hot Chocolate (with whipped cream) $3.25

Milk (White or Chocolate) 12oz. $2.50 16oz. $3.25

Juice 12oz. $2.50 16oz. $3.25
Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Grapefruit, V-8 & Tomato

Coca-Cola Products $2.99

Dream Diner’s Own Bottled Soda $3.25
Rootbeer Reg or Diet, Raspberry Lime Ricky, Iced Tea, Grape, Vanilla Cream Soda

Bottled Water $2.50

Live Music at the Dream Diner!

Coming Fridays, May 12th & 26th:
The Mystic River Duo


Guitarist Ed Antonelli receives high praises for his Santana like guitar style and ability to connect with the audience.

Thursdays in May, Sista Dee!

sista deeOriginally from The Island of Trinidad, Sista Dee has played with the best and toured the U.S and the world extensively. She has been a top entertainer for Holland America cruise lines doing her one woman steel pan show. She also sings and plays other instruments giving the audience a full authentic Caribbean sound, she has backed up many major reggae acts such as Sister Nancy, Lady Saw, Anthony B, Everton Blender, Pato Banton, and many more.

Our New Addition is Open!

dreamdiner interior

We have finally realized our own dream with our beautiful new stainless steel diner addition to our existing building. We built a beautiful homage to the great, iconic beauties of the 1950s right here in Tyngsboro.

And we didn't just remodel the old building, we added on! The Dream Diner now has additional seating in our authentic new diner addition.

Book your next event with us in our new addition. Children's Birthday Parties also available!

Do Eggs Get a Bad Rap?

As you can imagine, we serve up a lot of eggs here at the Dream Diner. We believe that eggs make a great part of a balanced breakfast, but some still consider this breakfast staple as a kind of guilty pleasure. We think that maybe the egg gets a bad rap, and this article in Diet Analytics bears us out. 

Eggs Aren't As Bad As They Are Cracked Up To Be

Eggs are often quickly dismissed for having high cholesterol levels. Despite their bad reputation, eggs are actually a nearly perfect food from both a convenience and health standpoint. 

Read more.

Dream Diner Featured On The Chef’s Table!

We’re happy to announce that we appeared on “The Chef’s Table”, which featured our diner and an interview with owner Maybeth Shanahan. You can watch the video in its entirety right here.

Phantom Gourmet Review

MaryBeth Shanahan is a constant blur of efficient activity. She knows just about every customer by name and can always serve up a side of sass when necessary.

View our Latest Commercial!

View our commercial! Just click on the image at below to learn more about the great food and fine people at the Dream Diner in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts.

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